NUHW-CNA: An Affiliation Whose Time has Come

line-height:150%;font-family:"Verdana","sans-serif";mso-bidi-font-weight:bold”>NUHW’s new affiliation with the 85,000 registered nurses in the CNA means that we are joining together with a union that shares our commitment to uniting workers against those hospital corporations that threaten our livelihoods and the safety of our patients instead of partnering with them. CNA has the best contracts in the country for registered nurses, and as our members at Kaiser saw on the picket line, side-by-side with CNA RNs, CNA is a union that isn’t afraid to fight. Just as important, CNA has been a national leader in mandating nurse-to-patient ratios to keep patients safe, and in organizing RNs into a fighting force for patient care. This is an organization NUHW members are proud to be a part of.

This is an affiliation whose time has come. Employer attacks are on the rise, nowhere more so than at Kaiser Permanente. With their RN co-workers in the CNA, NUHW members at Kaiser have already engaged in repeated statewide strikes to stand their ground against threatened reductions to wages, benefits and job protections that other unions at Kaiser have already agreed to in spite of four years of record profits for Kaiser.

Because of this unity, Kaiser NUHW members have not been forced to accept a single contract concession, and no NUHW member has had their position slated for elimination even while Kaiser management has forced layoffs on 1,000 workers throughout the state.

Now, 43,000 service and technical workers at Kaiser’s 32 California hospitals are currently organizing to join their co-workers in NUHW in an election expected in the early part of this year.

With this new affiliation, NUHW members at Kaiser will have an infusion of new resources to win a fair contract with no reductions to their wages, benefits and job protections, and Kaiser workers organizing to join NUHW will have both new resources and an expanded team of skilled staff organizers who are experts in healthcare issues to help them win their election.

leaflet with your co-workers today.
Sal Rosselli, President
John Borsos, Secretary-Treasurer
National Union of Healthcare Workers

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