Dictators and Death Sentences

This is no country for old men, Yeats once wrote of Ireland. He might well have said the same of contemporary India.

Nothing humane seems about. A new successful class of people have acquired heaps of clout, and with it vengeful minds and predatory hearts.

Words that are spoken spit blood and fire. Enemies are seen everywhere. Great shouts go up seeking death not just for the rapist and the murderer but pretty much for whoever seems in the way.

Democracy is an obscenity, and reasoned discourse an utter farce. Bring forth the great dictator, let him show no mercy to those who disagree. Fall in line, the cry goes up, breathe in the foul vapour, wear the same, look the same, think the same, worship the same, or be externed or exterminated. Let only the prickly inhabit the garden, the meadow, the heath, the desert, wherever pricklies may grow, sharp in intention, unsparing in execution.

bold”>Then the gods—how they multiply and flourish while the hungry, the sick, the aged, the humane, the questioning, the resisting fall like insects to the aggressive rebuke of the devout nationalist. Aggression remains paramount even when the hills come down. Only opposition parties are to blame, and the governments run by them. All parvenu Indians always know everything about everything, and only the other is always at fault. Step on a pebble through length and breadth and you will find a godman underneath, ready to spring to life with a trick and an admonition guaranteed to reinforce the need for the singleminded dictator who alone can put the dithering in their place and elevate the race to warlike supremacy.
bold”>Highly educated professionals, most from Harvard and such-like, ride their anchored pulpits and teach us how governments must cater to the haves and consign the have-nots to the ordained black holes of history; with fact and figure, their coteries of experts make it plain how spending any portion of the people’s money on people themselves is most jejune and fraught with ultimate debility to the glory of India. India which resides in corporate television channels alone.