Lawrence Wittner: The Return of Democratic Socialism

Democratic socialism used to be a vibrant force in American life.  During the first two decades of the twentieth century, the Socialist Party of America, headed by the charismatic union leader, Eugene V. Debs, grew rapidly, much like its sister parties in Europe and elsewhere:  the British Labour Party, the French Socialist Party, the Swedish Read more…

Joe Emersberger: To the NYT editors, a coup government is simply a “new” government – UPDATED

Today’s NYT editorial “The Left on the Run in Latin America” underscores that there never really was a “good left” as far as U.S. elites were concerned. For years, Brazil’s left government was part of the “good left” that received vastly better press than Venezuela and other ALBA countries.  It would have been very unwise Read more…

Corporate Watch: New Book: Struggles for autonomy in Kurdistan

Kurdistan is currently divided between four countries: Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey. In each of the parts of Kurdistan, Kurdish identities and cultures have been repressed for generations. This book, by Eliza Egret and Tom Anderson, gathers together first-hand accounts of the struggles for a new society taking place in Bakur and Rojava – the Read more…

Nasir Khan: On Humans and Gods

Nasir Khan, May 20, 2016 Humans created god by attributing many of their own qualities unto an imaginary ‘being’. But they also gave him a bit more than what they themselves were: they made him all-powerful and all-knowing! So are the fictional places that human beings created in their grand fantasies called Paradise, Hell and Read more…

Don Fitz: Green Time TV: Tough Environmental Decisions

Green Time TV Tough Environmental Decisions by Don Fitz The survival of humans requires confronting very difficult environmental dilemmas. We have the ability to change the flow of rivers, but is it a wise thing to do? How can we retrofit buildings so they use much less energy? Do we really want or even need Read more…

The Polemicist: Plan B Is Not Bernie

Go to source. I admit: It’s all speculation. On April 4th, I wrote on Facebook: “My prediction: the next President of the United States will be someone who is not yet in the race. (e.g., Possible alternative Dem ticket: Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren.) How crazy am I?” This wasn’t just a wild guess. It Read more…

Curtis Cooper: How will Sanders take on Trump going forward?

Barring some unforeseen catastrophes, the well-greased campaign of Hillary Clinton is closing in on the Democratic nomination, while the “insurgent” campaign of Donald Trump rolls toward the nomination for the Republicans. As he has always said he would, Bernie Sanders will endorse Clinton, at the same time that he steps up his attacks on Trump. For tens of Read more…

Mark Evans: Taking Activism to the Next Level

The Right are winning – not because of their great policies and institutions – but because the Left is losing.  But why is the Left losing? This is the six million dollar question! Furthermore, there is no one answer to it. The Left is losing for many many different reasons and we could analyse this Read more…

The Polemicist: Vexed by Vaxxed

Go to source   “Ideology, after all, is more influential than laws.….[N]o one…would dream of making legislation to force people to read certain books and prevent them from reading others.”1 –Literary critic H. Bruce Franklin The treatment of the movie Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe is an astounding example of ideological discipline performed by the American Read more…

Nasir Khan: Modernity and Old Illusions

Nasir Khan, May 6, 2016 “The point of modernity is to live a life without illusions while not becoming disillusioned.” ― Italian thinker and politician Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937) Modernity means many things to different people. But in learned discourse, it refers to the collective body of particular socio-cultural norms and attitudes that emerged when the Read more…

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