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John Pilger: Trump and Clinton: Censoring the unpalatable

There is a need, a compulsion, for many liberals in the United States to embrace a leader from within a system that is demonstrably imperial and violent

Tamara Pearson: Clickbait v Political Impact: Alternative Journalism as Social Media Becomes the New News Source

Counting likes and shares is easy, but how do we gauge the political impact of our articles and ensure their quality?

Noam Chomsky: Media, NATO, ISIS, Free Trade Agreements & Humanity

Interview on the significance and role of whistleblowers, the alternative media, activism and a host of other related issues

Michael Albert: Why Write, Why Read?

If you are intent on contributing to social change won’t you address issues that need voice because they aren’t visible, not issues everyone has already written to death?

Louis Proyect: Jacobin and “The War on Syria”

Higgins presents an addled history of the war in Syria that is meant to demonize the FSA

Norman Solomon: Julian Assange and the Value of WikiLeaks: Subverting Illusions

Three years after Ecuador’s government granted political asylum to Julian Assange in its small ground-floor London embassy, the founder of WikiLeaks is still there

Bill Fletcher: The Philippines: Invisible Neo-Colony

The ongoing repression and wars in the Philippines would be unsustainable were it not for the direct involvement of the United States

Jack Murtha: Why the Laura Poitras case is bigger than you think

These systemic delays in responding to requests have really hampered the ability of journalists to use FOIA as a tool

Michael Albert: Left Media?

Our priority, of course, should be to aid changing the world for the better

Vijay Prashad: Saleem Shahzad (1970-2011)

In Memory of a Journalist

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