Robin Hahnel: Brexit: Establishment Freak Out

Brexit is a blow to the powers that be in Brussels, and adds wind to the sails of progressive forces within the EU as well as reactionary forces, no matter what political strategy progressive forces opt for

Robin Hahnel: ‘Told You So’ Is Bitter Sweet

‘After I wrote the first edition of The ABCs of Political Economy in 2002 came the “rush” of vindication: I warned about the dangerous downside potentials of liberalising the financial system. But did anyone listen? No. And sure enough the world suffered the worst financial crisis in five generations five years later. I explained why insisting on Read more…

Robin Hahnel: Capitalist Cheating

Critics and defenders have long argued over whether or not capitalism is unfair

Robin Hahnel: An Open Letter to the Climate Justice Movement

Denouncing cap and trade and carbon markets as “false solutions” has become ubiquitous divide in the climate justice movement

Robin Hahnel: Eco-localism: A Constructive Critique

In the aftermath of the collapse of communism, debate about alternatives to capitalism has divided into three camps: advocates of market socialism, proponents of democratic planning, and supporters of community-based economics.[1] Few anti-capitalists—whether they favor market socialism, democratic planning, or community-based economics—deceive themselves that there is more than a tiny minority in any advanced economy who Read more…

Robin Hahnel: Of the People, By the People

Robin Hahnel’s Of the People, By the People: The case for a participatory economy (Soapbox Press, 2012, distributed by AK press, is the latest and most accessible presentation of his argument that a new economy—based on equality, participation, solidarity, and self-management—is both desirable and possible. Originally formulated by Hahnel and Michael Albert more than Read more…

Robin Hahnel: The Phoney Fiscal Cliff

Here in America we just had an election which repudiated the Republican economic agenda. So what begins the morning after? The only economic subject talked about is “the fiscal cliff” — the Republican economic agenda!   The fiscal cliff is the latest version of the same trap the wealthy, the military industrial complex, and the Read more…

Robin Hahnel: What Is To Be Done?

Anyone who still thinks ruling elites and the major political parties are going to solve the worsening economic and ecological crises must not be paying attention. Ruling elites in Europe and North America are doing nothing to solve the two great crises of our time, and much to aggravate them. So we better stop waiting Read more…

Robin Hahnel: The Increasing Power Of Neoliberalism Globally

Taylan Tosun:  (1) Why are the centers of international financial power so afraid of even moderate inflation? Why are almost all the central banks of those countries charged with the task of “inflation targeting”? Why do international financial interests oppose the kind of moderate inflation which might well accompany pro-growth, anti-austerity policies? Robin Hahnel: When Read more…

Robin Hahnel: Radicals and Reformers: Part 2: System Change

Part one of this series can be found here.   Replacing the economics of competition and greed with the economics of equitable cooperation is the only way to achieve full economic justice and democracy and adequately protect the natural environment. Therefore, to foreswear economic “system change” is equivalent to saying one is willing to accept some Read more…

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